PATRAM WAS STARTED IN THE early 1960s by the US Atomic Energy Commission because of the rapid progress in package design and transport experiences and the development of the Regulations for the Safe Transport of Radioactive Material by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The aim of the symposia is to bring together representative experts from industry, government, and research organisations to exchange scientific, technical and management information relating to all aspects of the packaging and transport of radioactive materials. International exchange is an essential part of improving professionalism and international cooperation in the packaging and transportation. These symposia make a contribution to continuing efforts to ensure economic and safe packaging and transport.

PATRAM 2019 takes place on 4-9 August 2019, at the New Orleans Marriott in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA.

The primary focus of the broad range of topics on packaging and transport of radioactive materials is on safety. However, emphasis has been added to the security aspect of these shipments. Environmental topics are also key and include risk assessment techniques and potential radiological impacts. Operational topics include transportation systems concepts, shipment tracking, risk assessment, sea transport, onsite transfers, institutional issues and regulatory requirements. 

Not only does PATRAM provide a platform to exchange technical and management information, it also provides a means for presenting different points of view. “Worldwide interest in radioactive materials safety, security and transportation operations gives the symposium a broad base of participants”, note the conference chairs, James Shuler (US Department of Energy), David Pstrak (US Nuclear Regulatory Commission), Richard Boyle (US Department of Transportation), Jeff England (Institute of Nuclear Materials Management) and John Mulkern (World Nuclear Transport Institute).

“In addition to the technical and regulatory community, the safe and secure transportation of radioactive materials is of great interest to the general public,” they add. Past symposia have included open discussions on subjects ranging from the types of materials to be used in a packaging to the efficacy and need for new regulations. Presentations provide the audience with a greater understanding of the important issues facing the radioactive packaging and transportation industry as well as perspectives on policies, regulations, political realities, and public acceptance. 

The next event will take place in Europe (France) in 2022. 

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