STAR portfolio

1 January 2000

STAR portfolio* Assumes four tonnes of oil equivalent per capita per year primary energy = 5.3kWt-year per person per year.
Power, MWe (MWt) 20 (45) 181 (400) N/A (400)
Deployment * Electricity for a remote town of ~8600 Electricity for a city of ~155000 All primary energy and potable water
for a city of ~25000
Core outlet temperature, C 566 578 793
Coolant Pb Pb Pb
Power density, W/cm3 69 44 44
Average discharge burnup, MWd/kgHM 73 83 83
Enriched to N-15 Enriched to N15 Enriched to N15
Enrichment, % 1.7/3.3/16.7/18.4/20.1 TRU 13.3/18.2/21.3 TRU 13.14/18.4/18.4 TRU
Cladding Si-enhanced ferritic/martensitic SST Si-enhanced
ferritic-martensitic SST SiC/SiC-composite
Fuel/coolant volume fractions 0.54/0.28 0.21/0.66 0.21/0.66
Core lifetime, years 20 15 20
Fuel pin diameter, cm 2.50 1.30 1.30
Fuel pin triangular pitch-to-diameter ratio 1.121 1.54 1.54
Active core dimensions height/diameter, m 0.80/1.02 2.00/2.46 2.00/2.46
Energy converter/balance of plant Supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle; optional water desalination using reject heat Supercritical CO2 Brayton cycle; optional water desalination using reject heat Cascade of H2 production via Ca-Br thermochemical water splitting cycle, in-house electricity production using S-C02 Brayton cycle, and water desalination
Fuel cycle Sustainable closed fuel cycle; TRUN cores are fissile self sufficient with depleted or natural U feed and minimal waste stream of fission products
Proliferation resistance Core is a single assembly/cassette that is not composed of individual removable assemblies and has an extremely long lifetime. Access to fuel and neutrons is restricted. Refuelling equipment is brought on site only at the end of the core life and removed following refuelling. Transuranic fuel is self-protective in safeguards sense.
Autonomous load following Core power adjusts itself to match heat removal from primary circuit by inherent physical processes due to strong reactivity feedback of fast spectrum core.
Passive safety Core and heat exchangers remain covered by ambient pressure single-phase coolant which removes core power by natural circulation during all operational and postulated accidents at higher temperatures than traditional liquid metal-cooled reactors.
Emergency decay heat removal Vessel cooling by natural circulation of air; always in effect.

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