Provisional amount of discharge from Fukushima Daiichi NPS

1 January 2000

ND: not detectable; NM: not measureda Includes discharges from Centre de Stockage de la Manche LLW/ILW repositoryb Includes discharges from Calder Hall c Discharges depend on THORP throughput °Figures in brackets include discharges via factory sewerSource: OSPAR Commission: Liquid Discharges from Nuclear Installations 2008*Source: Sellafield Annual Report, Discharges and Monitoring in the UK 2009
Radionuclide La Hague(a) Sellafield(b)
Tritium 8.19E+03  7.78E+02 (7.94E+02)*°c
Total a 1.72E-02 1.27E-01 (1.77E-01)*°
Total b 6.37E+00 1.43E+01 (1.44E+01)*°
C 14 6.24E+00  7.19E+00
S 35    5E-02*
Mn 54 2.26E-03  9E-03*
Fe 55    3E-02*
Co 57 7.31E-05  nil
Co 58 6.41E-05  nil
Co 60 9.72E-02  7.21E-02
Ni 63 6.44E-02  8E-01*
Zn 65 ND  2E-02*
Sr 89 ND  2.3E-01*
Sr 90 1.59E-01  1.70E+00
(Sr 90 + Cs 137)    6.81E+00
(Zr + Nb 95) ND  1.25E-01
Tc 99 7.41E-02  2.37E+00
Ru 103 ND  9E-02*
Ru 106 3.37E+00  1.39E+00
(Ru + Rh) 106 6.74E+00  as above
Ag 110m ND  8E-02*
Sb 124 ND  nil
Sb 125 3.80E-01  3.1E+00*
I 129 1.04E+00  1.99E-01c
Cs 134 7.50E-02  1.15E-01
Cs 137 8.92E-01  5.11E+00
Ce 144 7.55E-05  3.54E-01
(Ce + Pr) 144 1.51E-04  as above
Pm 147    NM*
Eu 152    1.1E-01*
Eu 154 5.55E-04  1.0E-01*
Eu 155 8.08E-05  1.0E-01*
Np 237 4.27E-04  4.30E-02
Pu 239+240 1.69E-03  1.08E-01
Pu 241 1.20E-01  2.44E+00
Am 241 2.74E-03  2.97E-02
Cm 242 1.14E-05  1E-03*
Cm 243+244 1.35E-03  2.92E-03
Uranium (in kg) 1.93E+01  2.76E+02

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